Idealistic or commercial topics

I know RSM students as idealistic people who want to good for others and society by inspiring desirable behavior. However, in your future, you may be asked to inspire behavior that is in the commercial interest of your company. In your Master thesis, you can explore either.

Idealistic topics

Idealistic topics are about what is best for the individual or society. You seek for people’s happiness and wellbeing. Commercial interests are secondary. It is not about making more money. Many theses were in this area: exercise more or eat healthier to stay healthy, donate to good causes, separated waste disposal, the use of ear protection at festivals, etcetera. You may choose this path because it is the last chance to do something idealistic before you enter the hard, commercial world.

To pursue an idealistic topic, follow this path [insert link].

Commercial topics

With a commercial topic you think from the vested interest of a brand or business. It is not about being unethical or immoral, but the idea is to make more business: drive revenue streams, drive conversion rates, upgrade people to higher price points, upgrade them to different brands or new solutions, or deliver better margins. Some theses were in this area: driving higher conversation rates on commercial websites or driving higher sales and satisfaction by personalizing choices. You may choose this path because you’re interested in how you can influence people.

To pursue a commercial topic, follow this path [insert link].

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