About NudgeLab

NudgeLab is an initiative of StudioGerART, my playground of initiatives in the area of Insight Extraction & Activation. My name is Gerard Loosschilder and I started NudgeLab in 2017 as the red thread of my Master thesis coaching for Rotterdam School of Management. Since then, NudgeLab has developed a life of its own, and now it is a place to share insights into how to influence consumer behavior.

Gerard Loosschilder

Two inciting incidents made me start NudgeLab.

First, I realized that the place where consumers buy products and services, influences the product they buy at least as much as the products and services they can choose from. Put consumers in two different stores with the same set of products, and they may make different purchases. You may say “duh, told you so”, but in market research we often act as if just the products matter, not the environment. It changed my focus.

Second, I experienced ‘reversed mentoring’. At Rotterdam School of Management, I work with students, and their enthusiasm to do good for the world, is contagious. They want (others to) consume more sustainably, take better care of themselves and their health, and contribute more to society. The topics under NudgeLab followed suit, inspiring stewardship of the world around us. Equally contagious was their knowledge of the online world they shared with me. I want to pass on my knowledge to you, a supporter of the NudgeLab initiative to share insights into how to influence consumer behavior.